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Online Tax Planning Letter


Please let us know as soon as you receive a notice from the IRS!  We have a client who received a notice from the IRS two years ago asking for additional tax.  The notice was disallowing the IRA and the client just paid it.  Now, two years later, because the IRS shares tax changes with the State, the client got a notice from the state matching the federal changes and asking for additional tax and interest.  When the client brought that letter in and after investigation, they told us about the IRS notice they paid two years ago.  Unfortunately, the NOTICE WAS WRONG!  And, because of the statute of limitations, we couldn’t do anything about it.  This mistake cost the client over $1300!  The moral of the story: Isn’t it better to pay your CPA to check if IRS/State notices are correct rather than pay additional taxes and find out after-the-fact that the notice was wrong?  Who do you trust more – the IRS or your CPA?


If you have been a victim of identity theft, you should receive a letter from the IRS (in late December) assigning you with an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN). This number is used to file your 2011 return. Please bring this letter to us ASAP. If lost, you will NOT be able to efile your return and you paper file- which may take up to one full year to receive your refund. Each year you will be issued a new IP PIN to use for filing. Continue to provide us with these letters.